SSTA Gift Policy

[Current as of March 29 2003]


Gifts are an expression of appreciation for major support, contributions and/or assistance specifically to the SSTA membership. As such, the policy must be based on two principals. First is the principle of equity in which gifts are seen by all concerned in the same light of equal appreciation. Second is the principle of responsible expenditure based upon the level of support, contribution and assistance to the SSTA membership.

In keeping with these principles, the gift policy is being formalized to assist in ensuring these principals remain the norm for all gifts provided by the SSTA. It is also designed so that individuals are not forgotten in the turnover from one year to another. It also goes without saying that no policy can always cover all events and some extraordinary situations will require SSTA executive discussions to ensure that any unique gift is in keeping with the stated principals.

Normal Gifts are defined as those that will be on going and can be anticipated on an annual basis. Extraordinary gifts are defined as a single event gift that reflects an unusual and not likely to reoccur situation in which the SSTA wishes to reciprocate or extend their thanks.

Extraordinary Gifts

As these should be rare by their definition, a few sample situations are included:

  1. Visit and address to the SSTA by a Head of State or Government.

  2. Visit to annual Conference by major dignitary in an official capacity.

  3. Contribution by the SSTA to a gift from the NSTU as a whole for an unusual occasion.

These gifts should be in keeping with the occasion such that proper protocol is followed. Advice should be sought to ensure that any gift is both welcome and in keeping with correct procedures.

Additionally the following can be an anticipated extraordinary gift situation different from the above:

Major Award Gift:

Major national or international award to the SSTA that upon the decision of the executive requires the SSTA to send an official representative to receive the award. When deemed appropriate, a reciprocal gift should be considered.


The annual gifts in the Normal Category should reflect an amount that indicated the sincere appreciation of the SSTA, but not be such that they are extravagant in nature. As such, the SSTA should annually review their suggested range for each category based upon current costs. Once decided at the first Executive Meeting after the AGM, the range will be adhered to for the remainder of that year. This will ensure all gifts are equally treated for that current operating period, yet allow for a standard review process annually.

Normal Gifts [Current 2003 Ranges:]

Annual Conference Gifts include the following:

  1. Keynote speaker $100.00 - $150.00 max
  2. Conference Chair[s] $100.00 - $125.00 max
  3. Session Presenters $ 25.00 - $50.00 per Session

Annual Retirement Gifts include the following:

  1. Retirement while serving on the SSTA executive $50.00 - $100.00
  2. Retirement of Provincial Social Studies Consultant $100.00 - $150.00
  3. Retirement contribution, if required, for NSTU president. $50.00
  4. Retirement of major non SSTA individual who contributed in a major way to the development of Social Studies in the province, who is not a teacher. Up to $50.00

Bereavement Gifts include the following:

  1. Death of a parent or spouse or child of a serving SSTA member $50.00
  2. Extended hospitalization of an SSTA executive or former SSTA president $25.00 - 50.00
  3. Death of a former or serving SSTA executive. $50.00
  4. Death of an active SSTA member. $50.00