Social Studies Teachers Association

Special projects fund


The purpose of the Special Projects Fund is to provide financial support and encouragement in Social Studies Teachers for the development of curriculum materials to enhance the teaching of Social Studies in Nova Scotia.

In order to apply for assistance for the Special Projects Grant, teachers must be in good standing with the Social Studies Teachers Association.

The executive of SSTA will include in their annual budget an amount not
to exceed $1200.00 (dollars) under the heading Special Projects Grant.

Funding Guidelines:

A. Applications must be in writing to the Awards Chairperson of the SSTA.  The decision of the Awards Chair and the Executive will be considered final.

B. Funding will be considered only for the development of curriculum material which in the opinion of the executive will enhance the teaching of Social Studies in Nova Scotia. Substitute costs and other non-material costs are not funded.

C. The Special Projects Grant will not fund travel expenses.

D. Priority for funding will be given to those teachers who have actively sought funding elsewhere.

E. In their application, teachers are expected to present a detailed description of their project along with a proposed budget of expenses they expect to incur.  Funding will be considered to cover costs already incurred by the applicant providing the applicant can provide accounting of such costs.

F. Funding will not be considered for curriculum materials which are already published.

G. The maximum funding available for any one application is $600.00 (six hundred dollars).  Teachers may apply more than once for the same project should their costs exceed six hundred dollars.  However, priority will be given to new applications if more than one application has been received by the executive.

H. The executive of the SSTA will consider applications for funding at their January and May meetings and applicants will be notified of their decision shortly after those meetings. All applications must be received by May 1st.

I. The existence of the Special Projects Grant and application information regarding the fund will be made available to the membership of the SSTA through the Newsletter on a regular basis.

J. Winners of Special Projects Awards will be announced in the SSTA Newsletter and at the SSTA Annual Conference.  Winners are expected to present a workshop at the SSTA Annual Conference and acknowledge the SSTA’s assistance.

K. Successful applicants shall not be eligible for more than two grants within any five-year period following the award of the first grant.

L. The executive reserves the right to discontinue the awarding of the grants and shall inform the membership accordingly.

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