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The Executive of the Social Studies Teachers Association has established a fellowship to be made available to active members of the SSTA in Nova Scotia.  The purpose of this fellowship is to encourage teachers to add to the delivery of the provincial Social Studies curriculum.  This may take many forms:  attendance at conferences, teacher-student educational tours, the development of educational packages, etc.

The following criteria will be used by Executive to select successful applicants:

1. All decisions are to be made by the Awards Chairperson in consultation with the Executive of the Social Studies Teachers Association.

2. Each award is not to exceed $600.00 but may be less.  A maximum of $1200.00 may be granted each year.

3. More than one fellowship may be awarded in any one year.

4. Letters of application should be in the hands of the Executive prior to the teacher attending the function.

5. Letters of application should be in the hands of the executive by December 1st for the winter decision and May 1st for the Spring decision.  Fellowship winners will be announced twice during the year; the first in January and the second in June.

6. Letters of application must include:
 (a) description of the activity
 (b) outline of the particulars

  1.   dates of the activity
  2.   estimated costs
  3.   destination, if applicable

7. The successful applicant must agree to attend in-services, at the request of the executive, in order to share new ideas, approaches, or the materials they have acquired.

8. Funds will be released to the successful applicant after he/she has provided the Executive with the appropriate receipts.

9. First time applicants will normally be given preference.

The executive will use the following priority list to judge the relative merits of each application.

  1. Teachers attending national or international conferences or seminars.

  2. Teacher-student groups attending conferences or seminars.


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