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SSTA BEd Scholarship Application


1. Please print or type clearly.
2, Enclose an unofficial transcript.
3. Return completed application to:
Nova Scotia Teachers Union
Dr. Tom Parker Building
3106 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax, N.S.
B3L 4L7


4. Deadline for application is March 1st.
5. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please direct all inquiries to the Awards Chair

Personal Information

Applicant name (surname) Given name(s) E-mail Address:


Home Address, Telephone Number


City/Town, Province, Postal Code



Degree and Specialties, Institution, Completion Date




Applicant Essay

Typewritten essays are preferred.

Topic: This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the Awards Committee. Write a brief essay of no more then 500 words that will help us get to know the person behind the application form. Within the essay, please make reference to reasons for wanting to be a Social Studies teacher, philosophy and pedagogical beliefs and how personal experiences have helped shape your attitudes and the style of Social Studies teacher you wish to become.

A completed application must include:

         An unofficial transcript from the issuing B.Ed institution
         Letter of recommendation from a professor in the B.Ed department
         Current curriculum vitae
         Applicant essay and application form


Please ensure that all references and supporting documentations are included, as outlined in the SSTA Education Scholarship.

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